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Sandisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 16 GB Thumb Drive

Now this is really random. I've recently been hunting for a USB 3.0 thumb drive because I needed it for a project. Now , it is an understatement to say that flash drive has gotten a lot more affordable in the last few years. A 128mb USB 1.0 used to cost more than 100 bucks. Now an 8GB (8000MB) USB 2.0 cost less than 12 bucks! 
I was cracking my head really hard to decide between a Sandisk Ultra Fit and a Sandisk Ultra Dual. To make things easier to understand, a drive's write speed is how fast you could copy something from a computer to your drive, whereas a read speed is the other way round. If you are a spy and you need to copy something from a laptop like your life depends on it, then WRITE speed is what you are looking for.
My aim was to get a USB 3.0 thumb drive with a sweet balance between a fast write speed and cost. A USB 2 would have been fine but I needed something that could copy files lightning quick without costing me an arm or a leg. 
I was considering the Sandisk U…