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Michael Jackson Flashmobs All Over The World

I've been spending some time watching videos of flashmobs paying tribute to Michael Jackson. It all began when a group of dancers from Stockholm, Sweden, began organizing a flashmob to dance 'Beat It' in public places all over the city. Hundreds of people joined the effort and after 30 minutes of dancing lesson, the most amazing dancing flashmob ever took place. Words would do no justice to what transpired that day. Ladies and gentleman, I share with you the Stockholm Tribute to MJ.

That's not the end of the story. Bounce (the dancers who organized this) challenged other cities around the world to do the same thing. Within days, similar flashmobs sprouted in cities around the world, to the beat of 'Beat It' or 'Thriller'. Clearly, his music crosses geographical boundaries and cultures. Michael made his songs translate themselves.

Turbingen, Germany
St. Petersburg, Russia
Taipei, Taiwan
Amsterdam, Holland.
Hollywood and Highland
Victoria, Canada
Helsingborg, Swed…

Imagine people wearing your face around..

*This post was actually made around 1.5 years ago (21st July07). I wanted to publish it only after I've seen my design being published officially. Didn't know I had to wait so long to finally see it on a junior today. Hehe. *

Won the AMSA tshirt design competition that day. Now my ESP camp fee is fully covered!

Actually this tshirt looks fun but carries a grave serious message.
Wait a minute...
Whose face is that on the back??!!

Beats me.. *whistles*