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House-ism: 10 Things We Should Know About House

Everybody lies.Despite running through hundreds of differentials, 80% of symptoms can be explained by a psychological issue.Medical doctors receive the latest advances in medicine by osmosis. They spend the rest of their day watching movies, drinking and having sex. And they never forget something that they've learned.It's ethical to use empirical therapy to diagnose patients.If two of the cast members began acting weird, it's because they had sex together the night before.Beautiful female doctors on the team are usually bisexual.There is no space for chance or randomness. Any break from the norm happens for a reason and it's usually something to do with sex.If the patient is a teenager, he/she invariably has a drug abuse history.
When in doubt, it's sarcoidosis or amyloidosis.It is perfectly ok to break-in to patient's home to take a good history because everybody lies.*image from