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Excuse me, are you a first year too?

Someone tapped my shoulder while I was watching an infant was being resuscitated.
"Excuse me, are you a first year too?"
He was wearing a long sleeved labcoat - surefire sign of a junior (Hehe.)

"No, I am not. I think I didn't see any of your batchmates either." "Oh, ok." "How long will you guys be here?" "For a few days." "So you guys are having nursing week, right?" "No, I'm studying medicine." "......." "Oh... yeah, it's my nursing week." "I see. Shouldn't you be in the wards now?" "Huh? Then where am I now?" "You're in the Emergency Department."

The little asian man

The little asian man.
He is the voice that tells you when you're in Ikea that Cheong Hup Furniture Shop has a DuktigTM table look-alike (with one leg less but who cares if the price is half, right.). He is also the reason for the sudden boost of energy to visit the DVD peddler around the corner instead of making another trip to Golden Screen Cinemas to watch The Spirit. Do you remember that time when you had to try so hard to fight the urge to buy King Cola instead of Coca-Cola TM ? Well guess who's the culprit too.

Nobody truly knows his origin, but what we do know is that his personality is molded through years and years of passed-on culture, beliefs and hardship. He is a chestbox of acquired behaviours from our ancestors - the merchants, the cowherd, the magistrate, the maid, the tea trader, the village pimp, and the footsoldier ... From these callused hands were passed down in-grown natural reflexes to always go for the less ideal but cheaper things. Every cent matters and n…