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Like clockwork or something

I'm kinda thinking of many things like what should I achieve in this half a year before the gunshots of reality shatters the stillness of this reprieve.
Car servicing, spring cleaning and stuff...I should be planning about my trip to Borneo but in between the incongruent thought lines were the disruptive splashes of my endless shopping list.
Did I tell you about this in the store that day? I swear that they placed a love charm on it. Serious. That's the only logical explanation why a technophile would throw logic out of the window to consider something worth less than half it's asking price.

Just wait, my preciousss..

Life is a clockwork that never rewinds. I should take a deep breath in and just savor the moment.

25 random facts about me.

Dedicated to Lieyana and Josephine who tagged me today.
I have 2 wives: Mary and Marsha. Mary is a Yamaha FG-411 folk while Marsha is my iPod nano.I hate it when people ask me what do I wanna specialize in next time.
In response to (3), I would say that I'd specialize to be an angkasawan like Dr. Muzaffar. 
I used to be pretty chubby when I was in primary school. Then I lost all my weight during puberty because my sis stole all my food. (Ok that's not true.) (Maybe it is.) (No, I'm kidding)I had a Nissan Sunny which was nicknamed 'AE86' after the car in Initial D. It was stolen last October.I'm feeling hungry. Stupid mosquito is biting me.When I was 6 years old, I wanted to be a pilot because my sister told me that pilots kill the most monsters.I wanna grow a beard but I can't. I have a moustache instead. I don't want a moustache. I have some form of compulsive behaviour. When I think of something, I must do it immediately. It's kinda annoying sometime…