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Michael Jackson Flashmobs All Over The World

I've been spending some time watching videos of flashmobs paying tribute to Michael Jackson. It all began when a group of dancers from Stockholm, Sweden, began organizing a flashmob to dance 'Beat It' in public places all over the city. Hundreds of people joined the effort and after 30 minutes of dancing lesson, the most amazing dancing flashmob ever took place. Words would do no justice to what transpired that day. Ladies and gentleman, I share with you the Stockholm Tribute to MJ.

That's not the end of the story. Bounce (the dancers who organized this) challenged other cities around the world to do the same thing. Within days, similar flashmobs sprouted in cities around the world, to the beat of 'Beat It' or 'Thriller'. Clearly, his music crosses geographical boundaries and cultures. Michael made his songs translate themselves.

Turbingen, Germany
St. Petersburg, Russia
Taipei, Taiwan
Amsterdam, Holland.
Hollywood and Highland
Victoria, Canada
Helsingborg, Swed…

Imagine people wearing your face around..

*This post was actually made around 1.5 years ago (21st July07). I wanted to publish it only after I've seen my design being published officially. Didn't know I had to wait so long to finally see it on a junior today. Hehe. *

Won the AMSA tshirt design competition that day. Now my ESP camp fee is fully covered!

Actually this tshirt looks fun but carries a grave serious message.
Wait a minute...
Whose face is that on the back??!!

Beats me.. *whistles*

House-ism: 10 Things We Should Know About House

Everybody lies.Despite running through hundreds of differentials, 80% of symptoms can be explained by a psychological issue.Medical doctors receive the latest advances in medicine by osmosis. They spend the rest of their day watching movies, drinking and having sex. And they never forget something that they've learned.It's ethical to use empirical therapy to diagnose patients.If two of the cast members began acting weird, it's because they had sex together the night before.Beautiful female doctors on the team are usually bisexual.There is no space for chance or randomness. Any break from the norm happens for a reason and it's usually something to do with sex.If the patient is a teenager, he/she invariably has a drug abuse history.
When in doubt, it's sarcoidosis or amyloidosis.It is perfectly ok to break-in to patient's home to take a good history because everybody lies.*image from

Excuse me, are you a first year too?

Someone tapped my shoulder while I was watching an infant was being resuscitated.
"Excuse me, are you a first year too?"
He was wearing a long sleeved labcoat - surefire sign of a junior (Hehe.)

"No, I am not. I think I didn't see any of your batchmates either." "Oh, ok." "How long will you guys be here?" "For a few days." "So you guys are having nursing week, right?" "No, I'm studying medicine." "......." "Oh... yeah, it's my nursing week." "I see. Shouldn't you be in the wards now?" "Huh? Then where am I now?" "You're in the Emergency Department."

The little asian man

The little asian man.
He is the voice that tells you when you're in Ikea that Cheong Hup Furniture Shop has a DuktigTM table look-alike (with one leg less but who cares if the price is half, right.). He is also the reason for the sudden boost of energy to visit the DVD peddler around the corner instead of making another trip to Golden Screen Cinemas to watch The Spirit. Do you remember that time when you had to try so hard to fight the urge to buy King Cola instead of Coca-Cola TM ? Well guess who's the culprit too.

Nobody truly knows his origin, but what we do know is that his personality is molded through years and years of passed-on culture, beliefs and hardship. He is a chestbox of acquired behaviours from our ancestors - the merchants, the cowherd, the magistrate, the maid, the tea trader, the village pimp, and the footsoldier ... From these callused hands were passed down in-grown natural reflexes to always go for the less ideal but cheaper things. Every cent matters and n…

Like clockwork or something

I'm kinda thinking of many things like what should I achieve in this half a year before the gunshots of reality shatters the stillness of this reprieve.
Car servicing, spring cleaning and stuff...I should be planning about my trip to Borneo but in between the incongruent thought lines were the disruptive splashes of my endless shopping list.
Did I tell you about this in the store that day? I swear that they placed a love charm on it. Serious. That's the only logical explanation why a technophile would throw logic out of the window to consider something worth less than half it's asking price.

Just wait, my preciousss..

Life is a clockwork that never rewinds. I should take a deep breath in and just savor the moment.

25 random facts about me.

Dedicated to Lieyana and Josephine who tagged me today.
I have 2 wives: Mary and Marsha. Mary is a Yamaha FG-411 folk while Marsha is my iPod nano.I hate it when people ask me what do I wanna specialize in next time.
In response to (3), I would say that I'd specialize to be an angkasawan like Dr. Muzaffar. 
I used to be pretty chubby when I was in primary school. Then I lost all my weight during puberty because my sis stole all my food. (Ok that's not true.) (Maybe it is.) (No, I'm kidding)I had a Nissan Sunny which was nicknamed 'AE86' after the car in Initial D. It was stolen last October.I'm feeling hungry. Stupid mosquito is biting me.When I was 6 years old, I wanted to be a pilot because my sister told me that pilots kill the most monsters.I wanna grow a beard but I can't. I have a moustache instead. I don't want a moustache. I have some form of compulsive behaviour. When I think of something, I must do it immediately. It's kinda annoying sometime…