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Lessons in 2008

Happy 2009 everyone!The year that has been 2008 marked a transition from a sheltered environment to clinical school for me. Kinda like the rubber meeting the road. It's an awakening of sorts and I'm still trying hard to come to terms with it. However, I thank God for the the few precious lessons I've learned throughout the year.
Setting a target
Making resolutions are easy but doing them is quite another ball game altogether. It all boils down to a passion for things. I've come to accept that to get something done really well, I have to begin having an interest in it before starting. Forcing myself to do something I don't like often ends up with an end product that I hate as much. For example, I used to dislike making videos for events. The whole process is just too... arduous. Taking the clips, cutting out bad footage, syncing subtitles, editing the music, adding effects, processing and re-editing... they were really a handful. However, when I looked at some of the …