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Teachers' Banking Day

When I'm in Kluang, I dress-down and look "ah-pek"ish when I move about town the reason being that nothing is as comfy as home clothes and people can look at me as weirdly as they want because I don't see them everyday.

I went to the bank this morning to settle some stuff. It's a school holiday week and people are thronging the bank to settle some pre-Raya stuff. Probably they are preparing FDs to give as duit raya or something.

Anyway, I think that it would be weird to see your secondary school teacher in the bank... I mean, that would be weird right? Seeing your teachers outside school is unconventional... but seeing them in banks. Ok, I know they are human too and they have banking stuff to do but I've never quite get accustomed to the idea of seeing them outside the classroom without books or a cane in their hand. It's just surreal.

And then she saw me and smiled at me.
"Hello... teacher."
"Hello how are you? What are you doing now?"She…