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Looking for a new phone

After much contemplation, I've narrowed down my mobile phone hunt to a few models.
I'm a heavy phone user. My previous K750i had dictionaries, webchats, softwares and 9 games installed and it was not even a symbian phone. Besides that, it is my organizer and to-do list manager. I even modded the firmware a bit just for fun :-P
Criteria of selection (in order of importance) are:
Must have good ergonomic keypad aka Razr (except iPhone) - I need to type smses without looking at the keypad in a rush especially in the wards - tactile feel is important.
Must NOT lag - As a benchmark, I expect my inbox to pop up in less than 0.3 sec. I consider none of the N Series eligible.
At least 3.2 Megapixel Camera - Doesn't make sense to buy another 2.0 MP phone.
Must not look like crap - Bye Nokia PrismSlim and light - I hate having a brick in my pocket.
Easy to maintain - I hate "fingerprints magnet" glossy phones. Bye, Samsung.
Wifi! - Surfing net on the go is cool.
Symbian - …

8 months on

"Hey dudes and dudettes,
I'm leaving soon! All the best!"went the sms that I received 2 weeks ago from mus. As silly as it sounds (yeah man, mus... "dudettes"?), there was something about the message that struck me unlike the other goodbyes before this. M205 has moved on.

Two and a half years rushed by like that.

The last lecture we had together

Back then, Praseong were still a couple. Siau wore bling blings around his neck.

Things have never been the same.

No more 2 hours of lecture and kamikazebbqwthshizukani after that (Outsiders: I really meant studying).
No more CGs at PBL rooms.
No more PBLs.
No more pseudo-escalator stairs.
No more Sun newspaper.
No more "staying awake" at the back of LT.
No more Sri Emas cafeteria (Thank God).
No more 5 minutes walk to Vista.
Friends are no longer a stone's throw away.
No Sri Petaling Chow Toufu (Ivy!!!!!)
No more jogging @ 9 loops lake.
No more air-con wherever we go.
No more pseudo-patients!
No more posters and videos to …


These morning I was jolted out of my semi-sleepy state watching these videos by Steven Lim.
Steven who? He calls himself the "World's most handsome guy" but apparently he's desperate to get girls' numbers. Also labelled singapore's most disgusting blogger.

Steven Lim singing on keyboard

Hahahahahaha his piano skills - excellent. Some more?

Steven Lim beatbox singing

Steven Lim dancing to Billie Jean (warning: Extremely NSFW)