maybelah the sun dam hot and you make your form 1 students take class pictures. see what happens..like dying tauge

Teachers play a big role in molding my school experience and life philosophy (such as picking my nose with my left hand only. No, I joke). I was just thinking the other day about which of them have bigger influence in my life. Hence this post.

Primary School
Puan Saudah was my Primary 1 class teacher. Take note that I was only 6 when I entered the realm of Malaysian multi-cultural school. Ok lah, I wasn't used to seeing so many Malay and Indian kids around, satisfied? Puan Saudah formed my first stereotype of primary school teachers - gentle, firm, tudung, teaches BM and all.. Influence level: 7/10

Cikgu Yusof was my Physical Education teacher in Standard 1. He was very very funny and I enjoyed PE immensely. However, Standard 4 onwards, he changed his style after becoming the disciplinary teacher. He and his rotan... who would forget that? Influence level: 4/10

Tuition Teachers (OMG I forgot their names!!!! Tai would know). Erm.. although I forgot their names, I think I owe my academic achievements (which is not much actually) to them. I was really really bad at Maths until I attended their tuition classes. I got to thank tai for asking me to accompany him for tuition classes. If it weren't for him, I would probably suck badly in Maths. Anyway, the married couple have their own style of teaching. I call that the Chinese School Style. They made me do sums and reprimanded me for every careless mistake I made. I got better and better. They also taught me Mandarin and that's how I rap jay chou's lyrics (I feel bodoh saying that). The point is, after scoring my first 100% in Maths in primary school, I gained confidence - I was actually not as stupid as I thought! That sort of sets the tone for my studies thereafter. Maths was always one of the subjects I could pass easily and I began believing that I could be smart. Influence level: 9/10

Secondary School
Puan Siti Hawa was my Science Teacher in Form 1. A very patient teacher I'd say. Patient with me. It's not easy ok. Imagine the nerd of the century bugging you BEFORE class everyday asking you Science questions that are sometimes beyond beyond beyond the scope. (Like why does iron form FeO2 and then later FeO3?). Yup Chemistry questions in Form 1. Yeah yeah call me nerd then if you want, it's a fact anyway. It got to a point when she told me:
"Chia, you should learn to enjoy life, don't waste your youth."
You know that something must be really wrong with you when even your teacher asks you to not study so much. Hmmm should make it a point to visit her someday in school (and ask her about some Pharmacology questions). Influence level: 8/10

Mr. Rahman, my Geography teacher cum afternoon supervisor. He scared the crap out of me first week in school. Influence level: 5/10

Puan Rahimah, my Physics teacher in Form 4 and 5. She's really good in teaching the basic concepts of Physics and makes sure that we do understand. And we do! Besides that, she really knows her stuff and that helps make Daya Apungan, Momentum, Inersia... intelligible for us. I seriously pity the other classes who gets *cough* Puan M *cough* Ok no bitching here. yvonne, david, merv would know what I'm talking about. Influence level: 7/10

Mdm Tee Peck Khoon aka Stephanie's mum. I used to have this fear of her because she would pass by my Form 3 class and scold us for being such incessant boisterous bunch. We made hell lot of noise okay. Anyway, I shuddered when I knew she would be my Maths teacher in Form 4 and I heard that she would pile Maths homework on us until we're buried 6 foot deep. Nonsense. Her classes were really good. I still remember how I debated with her over some Probability (KEBANGKALIAN :-P) problems in class. She might look strict in class but she's really nice outside school. She made maths concepts so easy, I didn't have to study maths or add maths much even until SPM exam day. She is really that good (and I'm really that smart oh i'm flying). Influence level: 8/10

Puan Noraini, Chemistry teacher in Form 5. Makes SPM chemistry a piece of ferrous sulphate cheesecake. Brilliance. Influence level: 7/10

Mr Quek Suan Goen my Maths teacher in Form 6. Probably one of the best STPM Maths teacher in Johor, he made Form 6 maths a breeze. Form 6 maths is really really much more annoying and difficult than SPM add maths. Influence level: 7/10

Puan Yuhanis, Form 6 biology teacher. She's one of the few Muslim teachers that really shines through in terms of her principles. She would never do things that are out of the book just to make her look good in terms of class performance. She would do her best, even spending her free time on weekends, to teach us even when she wasn't that experienced with teaching Biology in English (our year was the first year of teaching STPM science subjects in English). Classes with her were really good too (although my minds always drifts away during those really long classes..) Influence level: 8/10

Not a teacher:
D. Kumar - the school gangster that punched me in Form 1. He was the main reason why I studied so hard - I wanted to get back at him by being his boss one day and make him understand that he should have bullied someone his own size. That was when I became what I was in Form 1. Talk about angry teenagers. Hah I dedicated all the 5 achievement prizes I got in Form 1 to him lol. I would probably be nice to him now. All is forgiven. Influence level: Unrateable

For all the other teachers not listed above, it might not be that you're not good at teaching. Admittedly, some should really STOP "appearing busy" to get promotions and actually do some work. That includes actually teaching in class and not just making stupid noise, not playing truant to teach the so called silat club, attending non-existent meetings to smoke, checking female students' bra during spotchecks etc etc. However for the rest, you should take into consideration that you have a forgetful student here who forgot his tuition teachers name. He probably forgot to mention your name while typing this post within a few minutes. Or else, maybe he hasn't had the privilege of studying under you.
Influence level is purely a gauge of impact made upon my life. Not a rating for teaching ability.


  1. my fave teacher cikgu nora! kelas nye mmg best la!

  2. holy cow thats a crazy pic of all of us!

    merv looks the most charming.

  3. aiyo! i don't know if i should say "sweet memories"!

    anyways, i keep all my class photos including this one with labels and teacher's name! in case i forget. gary, it is already quite good that u remember so many.

    i wonder if this will find its way to facebook and the tagging stuff. 8O

  4. hehe merv's expression is classic. i still laugh at him because of tat till this day.

  5. yvonne, i think your way is smarter. I look at my class pix now and can't really recall those strange faces. too late too late.

  6. omg is tat chinese prefect boy u? so chubby last time!!


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