The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is DC Comic's perfect answer to Marvel's crazily successful Ironman. I think what my housemate said is really true. This movie redefined the genre of superhero flicks.

Stop. Looking. At. My. Abs.

We all know how a superhero flick would be like:
  1. There must be damn 'cun' technology, gadgets involved. From kick-ass suits in Ironman, transforming cars in Transformers, lightning fast aircrafts in X-men, to crazy genetic experiments in Hulk, these movies never fails to offer the viewer a glimpse into the not-so-distant future or translating fanboys imaginations into reality (Had tears of joy when I first saw Optimus Prime).
  2. There must be physics-defying superpower that scares them baddies out of their skin.
  3. The storyline will be as follows: The origin of the superhero will be explained. If it's a sequel, then it would be how the superhero spent his time whooping asses between both movies with a general feel-good mood. Then something must go wrong that enables the baddie to take control or threaten the world. Either some technology disaster, disgruntled friend-turned-enemy, misbehavior or sodomy allegation (I'm kidding about the last one although life does mimics art sometimes). Then the superhero would be all emo or sad burt he/she will always manage a comeback.
  4. The superhero must win. (Or there would be no sequel = lost of $$$)
  5. The baddie must not die completely (so that they can make another sequel = potential $$$)
  6. There must be a twist at the end e.g. the baddie suddenly awakes from death, someone else turns evil or someone got blown up by a C4 in a hutan (more potential $$$$).
Now, how did Batman fare?
Technology. Check.
Superpower. Nope.
Script. Half-check.
Superhero wins. Not quite.
Baddie does not die. Check.
Twist. Check.

3.5 out of 6. Still rather atypical.

I like the storyline. Chris Nolan took the bold move of changing the script of the comic book to suit his idea of the movie - not the other way round. Basically, that was the formula that was driving the success of this movie. No more underdeveloped characters with 30 seconds of screen time that confuses first time viewers. No more weird story arc just to fit in the comic book's idiosyncrasies.
The story is somber from the beginning and kept everyone on the edge of their seat. Joker moments were scary. Everyone wanted to know what would he do next. Now that's what a supervillain is supposed to do.
I also like it that Nolan did not bother explaining the origin of the Joker. No-innocent-petty-criminal-accidentally-falling-into-a-pool-of-acid-and-thus-becoming-supervillain moments. With the Dark Knight, it was chaos and anarchy leading to the final showdown between the protagonist and the antagonist.

Joker addressing the Malaysian public's reaction towards the petrol price hike.

I think it's cool that Batman is more vulnerable this time round. His suit has it's weaknesses. The Batmobile beta is destructible. Rachel Dawes died (Yeah man, good riddance! She's not pretty!).

More twists for the fanboys. No one expected that Joker to have such a damaged demeanor and a psychotic gait. I'm not saying this because the actor passed away but I think that Ledger's performance was genius. Didn't expect Two-Face to have such a "short" career too. Boldness. Who would have thought that the biggest lost in the movie would be a good guy turned bad?

Lastly, there were no annoying soundtracks. Batman Forever had that stoopid orchestra-ish Batman theme. Most importantly, no Robin or Batgirl either!


  1. heath ledger is hotness!

  2. erm.. yeah i heard tat u salivated over him during the movie.
    but he's buried 6 ft underneath already u know.


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