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Pizza and Gym

Today, much to my delight, mum decided to make pizza.
So here's how how you make pizza.

Ingredients and amount:
Flour - A lot
Water - Some
Cheese - A handful
Green pepper - As much as you can chop
Yeast - A bit
Stuff - As much as needed
TLC (Tender loving care) - As much as possible

And this is how you make it:

First you make the dough and then the pizza base.

Then you put stuff on it and you bake it.

There it's done!

Hehe what are you thinking looking at a guy's blog for recipes? Go have a look at Christine's or makanclub's blog if you're a serious foodie. I spell cooking as A-M-A-T-E-U-R so don't trust me with recipes!
My point is the pizza was great. Given that it's my first time, it's beyond expectation that the base went well.
But if you ask me to do it again, I don't know how to. I was like the machine operated by mum. No thoughts and memory processes retained.
So after that, I went to Sue Tine's new home to fix some surround system stuff. Then I got a…

Marié Marié

I used to hate the song Umbrella because it was really really irritating. So one day I heard an acoustic version of Umbrella on the radio and I thought "Not bad... this Rihanna is not bad after all." (It was actually sung by Marie Digby.)
Anyway, my housemate and I saw Marie's youtube video and we salivated over
really liked it very much because she was so pretty and so fair and sang so well. My housemate had an unhealthy crush on her.
So when Ashley told me that Marie (pronouned Ma-rii-ae) was coming to Malaysia on the 14th of May, I was determined to go, no matter how busy I am. So come the day, and I was ready to go, the housemate ffk-ed me. Potong steam betul. Yup, I'm still sore about how you dropped on me k you potong fellow :-P
Anyway, shun and meikatsu and sue tine agreed to go so off we went to 1U after class. Mad rush.
I was expecting a huge crowd as I thought I was late but it wasn't that bad. We were among the earlier ones. There was a particularly tall g…

My car featured on gizmodo

Today is the day my car got famous (in a weird way).
Click here and here.
Also another unrelated entry here.