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Nissan Sunny + iPhone

Dad suggested that I take our old family car up to Seremban - I need a car to move around there. Initially, I hesitated because the car is well old. You know, I hate it when problems crop up and I have to visit mechanics and stuff because cars are very unlike computers which means it's way out of my expertise to handle. Checking oil, water and gas and changing filters, I still can do.. but if any oil leaks anywhere or creaky noises appear I'll be clueless. Now, I'm glad that I drove this car here because Seremban drivers are maniacs - there's no fear of people bumping into my new shiny car because my car isn't new. It's really doing great here :-P
The car is a Nissan Sunny 1984. They call it the king of cars in those days because it's really durable and economical plus parts are cheap in those days.

Visited the mechanic that day to have realignment done *Darn those potholes!*
Me: Hey Ah Chong, fix my alignment d ah?
Mechanic: Yeah, can liao. Veli cheap oni.
Me: …

Hacking Marsha

Finally managed to implement the iPhone OS on Marsha!
Works for 1st Gen and 2nd Gen ipod nano and video for now.. You'll need the iPhone SDK, ipodwizard and the iPhone mod. And most important of all, you'll need a mac to do the job.
Credits to johnprime for the mod.


The apps menu

Google maps apps. Unfortunately Asian maps not functioning at the mo.

Calling function demo by another hacker. Of course it's way too troublesome when you can just use a normal handphone. But we're doing it just for fun of it.

On an unrelated hack, I've also managed to implement the iPhone interface on my iPaq.

Hmmm but some of the apps are not working well.. probably because it's a 2004 model. Have some problems with the wireless... couldn't access itunes store.
You can watch the video demo by another guy here:

The Ninjas Strike Again

"Cheers, for your birthday!" His housemates toasted cans of Beer Bear to celebrate his birthday few days ago. Nothing fancy, not even a cake or any gifts. They chatted and watched videos for a while, laughing away at some Transformers jokes. Megatron has never been funnier. Not long after, everyone was off to bed leaving him alone.
Soon the phone rang. He picked up the phone and started yakking away. Just then, the lights went off.
Feeling a little drunk, he opened his door and made the best out of the little visibility his handphone light could make. He decided that he didn't want to check the fuse which is totally illogical and weirdbecause you never know what might happen or who might be waitingand closed the door to continue his conversation, now that the blackout is another fresh topic to talk about.
Just then the lights went on again. And then it went off again. This went on for a few more times. HE DIDN'T FIND IT WEIRD AT ALL AND CONTINUED CHATTING for what se…