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Antique Radio

"Hello? Gary ah... I need your help to get rid of some rubbish ah. Some old electric stuff."
My uncle called yesterday and I went over to my grandma's old flat to help out. Some of the "old electric stuff" that were suppose to be thrown away includes 2 tv sets, a vcr recorder and this:

Ok it's not exactly in this condition... got this pix off a website.

"It's an old radio la... might be functioning... but who uses it nowadays?!"
Quite true... it will look like a dinosaur next to Marsha (Even though Marsha can't play videos, she's still a great iPod.)

It's a giant of a radio... Probably as big as a modern day hi-fi. The case and dials are made of wood! Instead of wire mesh, the speaker cover is made from fabric. I think the right dial is for tuning while the left one is for volume. At the back are some ports for this thingy called a magnetophone (what is that?) and other weird symbols, probably relics of forgotten technology. But I can&#…

Gravity strikes

After the surreal euphoria that follows the bane that is EOS5, I find myself dragged back down to earth with the strangling reality of VIVA results. Right now I'm typing this in the computer lab in my school waiting for the list to be out.
Anyway, I haven't blogged in a while.
Happy New Year!!!!!
I remembered that day after OSPE on the 5th, when I wished Butt Alien and my batchmates Happy New Year. Seriously, counting down while keeping an eye on OSCE day after, suxxx big time. While everyone were in a jolly holiday mood, I was experiencing sleep deprivation and palpitations and also looking at bunch of half-naked guys in Seng's apartment.
We had a nice batch dinner after exams though.