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Lessons in 2008

Happy 2009 everyone!The year that has been 2008 marked a transition from a sheltered environment to clinical school for me. Kinda like the rubber meeting the road. It's an awakening of sorts and I'm still trying hard to come to terms with it. However, I thank God for the the few precious lessons I've learned throughout the year.
Setting a target
Making resolutions are easy but doing them is quite another ball game altogether. It all boils down to a passion for things. I've come to accept that to get something done really well, I have to begin having an interest in it before starting. Forcing myself to do something I don't like often ends up with an end product that I hate as much. For example, I used to dislike making videos for events. The whole process is just too... arduous. Taking the clips, cutting out bad footage, syncing subtitles, editing the music, adding effects, processing and re-editing... they were really a handful. However, when I looked at some of the …

Teachers' Banking Day

When I'm in Kluang, I dress-down and look "ah-pek"ish when I move about town the reason being that nothing is as comfy as home clothes and people can look at me as weirdly as they want because I don't see them everyday.

I went to the bank this morning to settle some stuff. It's a school holiday week and people are thronging the bank to settle some pre-Raya stuff. Probably they are preparing FDs to give as duit raya or something.

Anyway, I think that it would be weird to see your secondary school teacher in the bank... I mean, that would be weird right? Seeing your teachers outside school is unconventional... but seeing them in banks. Ok, I know they are human too and they have banking stuff to do but I've never quite get accustomed to the idea of seeing them outside the classroom without books or a cane in their hand. It's just surreal.

And then she saw me and smiled at me.
"Hello... teacher."
"Hello how are you? What are you doing now?"She…

Looking for a new phone

After much contemplation, I've narrowed down my mobile phone hunt to a few models.
I'm a heavy phone user. My previous K750i had dictionaries, webchats, softwares and 9 games installed and it was not even a symbian phone. Besides that, it is my organizer and to-do list manager. I even modded the firmware a bit just for fun :-P
Criteria of selection (in order of importance) are:
Must have good ergonomic keypad aka Razr (except iPhone) - I need to type smses without looking at the keypad in a rush especially in the wards - tactile feel is important.
Must NOT lag - As a benchmark, I expect my inbox to pop up in less than 0.3 sec. I consider none of the N Series eligible.
At least 3.2 Megapixel Camera - Doesn't make sense to buy another 2.0 MP phone.
Must not look like crap - Bye Nokia PrismSlim and light - I hate having a brick in my pocket.
Easy to maintain - I hate "fingerprints magnet" glossy phones. Bye, Samsung.
Wifi! - Surfing net on the go is cool.
Symbian - …

8 months on

"Hey dudes and dudettes,
I'm leaving soon! All the best!"went the sms that I received 2 weeks ago from mus. As silly as it sounds (yeah man, mus... "dudettes"?), there was something about the message that struck me unlike the other goodbyes before this. M205 has moved on.

Two and a half years rushed by like that.

The last lecture we had together

Back then, Praseong were still a couple. Siau wore bling blings around his neck.

Things have never been the same.

No more 2 hours of lecture and kamikazebbqwthshizukani after that (Outsiders: I really meant studying).
No more CGs at PBL rooms.
No more PBLs.
No more pseudo-escalator stairs.
No more Sun newspaper.
No more "staying awake" at the back of LT.
No more Sri Emas cafeteria (Thank God).
No more 5 minutes walk to Vista.
Friends are no longer a stone's throw away.
No Sri Petaling Chow Toufu (Ivy!!!!!)
No more jogging @ 9 loops lake.
No more air-con wherever we go.
No more pseudo-patients!
No more posters and videos to …


These morning I was jolted out of my semi-sleepy state watching these videos by Steven Lim.
Steven who? He calls himself the "World's most handsome guy" but apparently he's desperate to get girls' numbers. Also labelled singapore's most disgusting blogger.

Steven Lim singing on keyboard

Hahahahahaha his piano skills - excellent. Some more?

Steven Lim beatbox singing

Steven Lim dancing to Billie Jean (warning: Extremely NSFW)

What they will think of us

What if people in the very distant future find our photos one day? What would they think about our time?

A make-believe situation:

Circa 90s suits with non-solar powered boat.

Chatting in old restaurants in those days.

Masked men from secret organizations post-samurai period.

Caroling during Christmas by humans. Pre-robotic era.

Old scientists.

Some spying club in school post-WW2

Smuggling on the beach. Post-mahathir era.

Jungle resistance squad. Communist period.

Drumset. Pre-synthetic music period.

Some friends gathering. Circa Abdullah administration era.

People not seen before. Unknown period.

Some mad scientist conference. Pre-genetic mutation experiments era.

Get Your iTunes Account in Malaysia

Yup! I finally found a way to get an iTunes store account from Malaysia, thanks to As some of you know, due to Paypal issues Malaysia is one of those countries who have no access to iTunes Store.

Q: Why would you need a store account when you don't buy music and this is Malaysia where we have ah beng's selling music at dirt cheap prices?

A: Because you can get album arts using the iTunes software. This might not be a big issue for most of you, but album art is something that completes the music experience for me so it's quite important. iTunes album covers are of quite good quality - makes CoverFlow look cool and not rubbish. Besides that, iTunes offer free music, videos and movies to download monthly. That's the clincher for us Malaysians right?

To begin, go to TuneCore. Follow the instructions on-screen.
Get your voucher code.
Go to the iTunes store website and click on "Redeem" at the "Quick Links" section

Just to make the Redeem link mo…

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is DC Comic's perfect answer to Marvel's crazily successful Ironman. I think what my housemate said is really true. This movie redefined the genre of superhero flicks.

Stop. Looking. At. My. Abs.

We all know how a superhero flick would be like:
There must be damn 'cun' technology, gadgets involved. From kick-ass suits in Ironman, transforming cars in Transformers, lightning fast aircrafts in X-men, to crazy genetic experiments in Hulk, these movies never fails to offer the viewer a glimpse into the not-so-distant future or translating fanboys imaginations into reality (Had tears of joy when I first saw Optimus Prime).There must be physics-defying superpowerthat scares them baddies out of their skin.The storyline will be as follows: The origin of the superhero will be explained. If it's a sequel, then it would be how the superhero spent his time whooping asses between both movies with a general feel-good mood. Then something must go wrong that enables t…


maybelah the sun dam hot and you make your form 1 students take class pictures. see what dying tauge

Teachers play a big role in molding my school experience and life philosophy (such as picking my nose with my left hand only. No, I joke). I was just thinking the other day about which of them have bigger influence in my life. Hence this post.

Primary School
Puan Saudahwas my Primary 1 class teacher. Take note that I was only 6 when I entered the realm of Malaysian multi-cultural school. Ok lah, I wasn't used to seeing so many Malay and Indian kids around, satisfied? Puan Saudah formed my first stereotype of primary school teachers - gentle, firm, tudung, teaches BM and all.. Influence level: 7/10

Cikgu Yusof was my Physical Education teacher in Standard 1. He was very very funny and I enjoyed PE immensely. However, Standard 4 onwards, he changed his style after becoming the disciplinary teacher. He and his rotan... who would forget that? Influence level: 4/10

Tuition Teac…

Spark of the day

While testing for vibration sensation (getaran) using a tuning fork.
"Cik, ada rasa gementar tak?"

Pizza and Gym

Today, much to my delight, mum decided to make pizza.
So here's how how you make pizza.

Ingredients and amount:
Flour - A lot
Water - Some
Cheese - A handful
Green pepper - As much as you can chop
Yeast - A bit
Stuff - As much as needed
TLC (Tender loving care) - As much as possible

And this is how you make it:

First you make the dough and then the pizza base.

Then you put stuff on it and you bake it.

There it's done!

Hehe what are you thinking looking at a guy's blog for recipes? Go have a look at Christine's or makanclub's blog if you're a serious foodie. I spell cooking as A-M-A-T-E-U-R so don't trust me with recipes!
My point is the pizza was great. Given that it's my first time, it's beyond expectation that the base went well.
But if you ask me to do it again, I don't know how to. I was like the machine operated by mum. No thoughts and memory processes retained.
So after that, I went to Sue Tine's new home to fix some surround system stuff. Then I got a…

Marié Marié

I used to hate the song Umbrella because it was really really irritating. So one day I heard an acoustic version of Umbrella on the radio and I thought "Not bad... this Rihanna is not bad after all." (It was actually sung by Marie Digby.)
Anyway, my housemate and I saw Marie's youtube video and we salivated over
really liked it very much because she was so pretty and so fair and sang so well. My housemate had an unhealthy crush on her.
So when Ashley told me that Marie (pronouned Ma-rii-ae) was coming to Malaysia on the 14th of May, I was determined to go, no matter how busy I am. So come the day, and I was ready to go, the housemate ffk-ed me. Potong steam betul. Yup, I'm still sore about how you dropped on me k you potong fellow :-P
Anyway, shun and meikatsu and sue tine agreed to go so off we went to 1U after class. Mad rush.
I was expecting a huge crowd as I thought I was late but it wasn't that bad. We were among the earlier ones. There was a particularly tall g…