Imagine people wearing your face around..

*This post was actually made around 1.5 years ago (21st July07). I wanted to publish it only after I've seen my design being published officially. Didn't know I had to wait so long to finally see it on a junior today. Hehe. *

Won the AMSA tshirt design competition that day. Now my ESP camp fee is fully covered!

Actually this tshirt looks fun but carries a grave serious message.

Wait a minute...

Whose face is that on the back??!!

Beats me.. *whistles*


  1. I know lah, that's your cheeky face wanting to be famous the subtle way... LOL

  2. that is one sweet design! i've actually seen that shirt, but didn't take a closer look at the back. and i certainly didn't know you designed it! great job!


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