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The cause of my muscle ache.

Yesterday, three guys caused quite a ruckus in Vista in the morning. Apparently, 2 of them were chasing this guy in coat all the way to IMU. Here's a video of what happened.

If you can't YouTube for some reasons, there's an alternative link to this videohere.
Anyway, I have muscle ache now from running. I'm getting old, I guess.
On a not-so-good note, I really do have the weirdest of luck when it comes to technology. Some of you would know that I had much trouble getting an internet line before this. The first company I applied for was Maxis Wireless Broadband.
I had to:
Go to KLCC (to apply).Wait 3 weeks.To find out that they lost my form.Call the customer service 10 times and each promising to call back but never did.They claimed to have found my form.
Waited 2 weeks again.Maxis said they lost my form again. Made 8 more calls.
Another operator claimed that I never submitted my form.Re-submitted my form.Application rejected because service does not cover Vista. So my neighbo…

Malaysian Studies is fun.

Last week, my batch had this Cuti-cuti Malaysia Expo in my campus, promoting the various tourist destination of Malaysia. My group was in charge of the glorious state of Perak. So we spent the previous week coming up with infos and decorations for the booth.
We made a humongous thingy (really can't give it a name) from wires and cardboard. It looks really nice from the front.
(Again I would like to sincerely apologize to the Johor booth people behind ours. I'm from Johor too..).
So anybody walking into campus should be greeted with the lovely aroma of Ipoh Old Town Coffee and cheerful smile of the kopi crew.
Choon the Kong(second from left) is the main brain behind all these.
That's our booth.
Seng Seng was supposed to take our picture for this event but..

..some people just can't resist the cam-whoring temptation.
Sarawak had quite an interesting booth. They had this blowpipe (sumpit) competition where you win a t-shirt if you're able to shoot any passer-bys with the poi…