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Pengawas Interview

I remember when I first entered Kluang High, my very first words with my friends were
"Eh, keep quiet! After cannot become pengawas..!"
Yeah, that was so dumb. Salah. My friends still laugh at me until now.
Who wants to be pengawas anyway?
Only Gary.

Then there was the interview, conducted by this Mexican moustache garang Geography teacher (I guess STK-ians will know who I'm talking about) and a few others.

The questions were ridiculous, to say the least:
"So... tunjukkan cara seorang pengawas duduk"
I sit lah. Without crossing legs or anything.
"Ala..macam pengantin je.."Thinking back, I think the interview was a way for the teachers to amuse themselves and escape from doing other more relevant duties: like EDUCATING the students.
"Ok.. sekarang saya nak awak tunjukkan cara jalan pengawas."HELLO! Prefects have their own walking style?! Like what? Models?
I can imagine a World Prefects Union coming up with a guidebook on how to walk. First, your left l…

A Day With the Kids

One Saturday, my batchmates and I went to St. Jerome's to give tuition.
I spent Friday night trying to re-learn PMR Maths. Ju-on kept me awake until 3 a.m. I can't help it if she's an addictive chat buddy.
Next morning, 3 guys, 1 girl and a blur panda tried to hail a cab to get us there. After many failed attempts (PJ freaks out taxi drivers nowadays), we finally got one. That only leaves us with the problem of finding the place. With a hand-drawn map. What does that mean for me?
Please refer to the post Road-blind previously.

"What's the meaning of myocardial infarction?!"
That's Timothy pretending to teach the poor boy. Sigh.
Haha, kidding. He was the most animated teacher in the whole room.

Keat How is the seasoned veteran of us all, having been there many times.

They decided that I need to pay them royalty for their shots.
Kids nowadays are smart.

The innocence of childhood. Hmm I wonder what this kid was thinking about..



This is Caroline, my tutee.