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Cantonese Disasters and buying buffalos

My friends say that my Cantonese is beyond half-a-bucket. In fact, I might as well just stick to speaking Mandarin.

My parents and siblings are fluent in this dialect. Mum and Dad are both Cantonese and they communicate in Cantonese since I was young. However, I didn't inherit that part of the genes from them.

The language centre in my brain has to translate my thoughts to Mandarin before to Cantonese. That means it takes me at least 10 seconds to speak anything in Mandarin. 30 seconds for complex sentences. When I speak to my grandmother, I even had to pause halfway to ask for a word in Cantonese to complete the sentence.

Yeah, I can't express myself in Cantonese for peanuts. That, by the way, is a recipe for disasters.

When I was 7 years old, I was sent on an errand to buy food:

[ What I thought happened]
Boss: Sai lou, nei oi mat? (Boy, what do you want)
Me: Erm...
Boss: Ni yao shen me (Mandarin for what do you want?)
I was determined to answer back in Cantonese
Me: Ngo oi... (I want…

Missing link for sheep-dog evolution

For years, scientists have speculated that sheep and dogs have a common ancestry. But there is just one more piece to the puzzle that remains to be discovered.This year, the missing link has been found.

Danny, the Lamb-dog!
Finally there's a scientific proof that these two mammals have phylogenetic similarities!

Canine chops anyone?

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Visit to Muar Part 2

*Flashback* My first visit to Muar was actually 7 years ago and it was not a pleasant one. I represented my district for the state-level chess competition at this school called SMK Jalan Junid. My only impression was that the place is boring and the food are scanty and expensive. The cheapest meal I had cost me RM4 minus drinks (Hey, schoolboy's pocket money k.).
However, it turned out that Muar isn't really like that as you will find out soon enough. We were just brought to all the wrong places for food that's all.
One of our most "memorable meal" was actually at a Malay stall near SMK Jalan Junid: "Eh, our teacher haven't belanja us yet, you know."
"Yeah la... eh we make him belanja this meal."
"Ok, we just tell him that we haven't pay and then we go."
"Cikgu, ini semua.. belum bayar ya." He just smiled and nodded his head. Great success. All 7 of us quickly went into the car before he changes his mind.…

Crazy Answer for History Test

Got this in my email and really got me lol like crazy. It's the answer paper for our famous SPM History test. I think this school has the most patient History teacher.
Apparently, there is a story behind TNB and Shinto religion was started by Tom Cruise. Enjoy!

He actually got 1 mark! Now comes the best part...

My gosh. The pantun at the end is really the bomb.

Poem: Family Tree

Just for the record, despite years of being made to learn, appreciate, comprehend and understand literature, I'm not one who goes ga-ga over poems (or pantun or sajak and definitely not the funeral mourning-like syair).
But I read one recently that I found was pretty good even at first impression.
And surprise, surprise, it's by Tupac Shakur - the rapper that was shot dead 10 years ago.

Family Tree

Because we all spring
From different trees
Does not mean
We are not created equally

Is the true beauty in the tree
or in the vast forest in which it breaths
The tree must fight 2 breed
among the evils of the weeds

I find greatness in the tree
that grows against all odds
It blossoms in darkness
and glues 2 promising pods

I was that tree who grow from weeds
and wasn't meant 2 be
Ashamed I'm not in fact I'm proud
of my thriving family tree.

Tupac Amaru Shakur