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How to bring a PC to life

My PC died big time.
So there I was bringing my baby (CPU) to the computer shop.
Me:"Hey, Boss, my PC can't boot up and ...(technical details you won't understand).. I think it's the ram or motherboard problem. So can you fix it?"
Boss:"I think the problem is with your ram and motherboard.." Yup. He practically just regurgitated what I told him.
Duh, if I need help for someone to repeat what I say, I'll just buy a voice recorder.
Me: "Is there anything that can be done to repair it?"
Boss: "Erm.. I don't think so. Why don't you leave it here? Maybe I can see what we need to change.."Classic MRMMP (Multi Repair Money Making Plan). Money money money. Obviously from my pocket into his.
No way, man.
Me:"I'll be back."I got home, tested the CPU. Still dead.

Then I gave it a big freaking kick.

And the boot screen appeared.

Lazarus has come to life!

Hardly professional but at least it works.

The thing about PCs

Every once a while, your PC crashes.
That we know..
But if your PC leaves you pulling you hair in frustration every 2 months. That's a bit extreme.
That's salah.

My friends come to me whenever they have problem with their Windows, virus, hardwares etc. I've become the I.T guy in the gang.
What most people don't realize is that I was unwillingly trained/forced into learning all these.
I didn't just become good.
I'm in the group of "hair-pulling" PC owners.

This morning it acted up again. Can't access Windows.
And then I couldn't restore my drive.
Then I couldn't access my hard drive from another PC.
Which means I lose all my documents in C:
Then for some reason I had to reformat BOTH partitions.
Which means I lose my videos and musics and games and softwares of 3 years in D:

Then after I reformatted, the sound card couldn't be detected.
Then my graphics card couldn't be detected.
This is so wrong.
(And my keyboard just caved in)


I'm the K…

Visit To Muar Part 1

During the last Esplosion Camp, I somehow agreed to visit Esther in Muar before she leaves for NZ (Yes, Melissa, it was the night when I couldn't understand 70% of what she was talking). So after much procrastination and rough planning, I finally visited Bandar Maharani last week.Day 1 Wednesday (28 January).I woke up, packed and rushed to the bus station. Barely caught the 9am bus. I’m a champion last-minute bus catcher. My career best are 11 on-time catches with 2 misses (no comments).15 minutes before arriving in Muar, Esther messaged me this:"Gary kor mi ask which bus station will ur bus b heading? Got 2 bus stations in Muar."Never mind, no panic. I told myself, I'll just tell her when I arrived.5 minutes before arriving:"Mi said you have to kp ur eyes open cause she thk the bus will only stop here a while 2 pick ppl up b4 gg to melaka."Ok, time to panic. I scanned the surrounding and noted that my bus is passing a shopping centre. I didn't intend t…

Flashback: Salty Chocolate.

During the holidays, i was busy gorging myself with goodies. Well, you can't blame me cos my mum's an excellent cook and it was that period of time when the Chinese population of this country stock their houses full of snacks and drinks and what nots.I remember once when I was really in the mood for something sweet. Then I remember my mum saying that there are some imported chocolates and Hershey's in the fridge. So there I was scrutinizing the fridge for something that looks like chocolate.Then my eyes caught a golden wrapped small bar of something at the eggs compartment of the fridge. Ah... chocolate.I took it and slowly peeled off the shiny wrapper. Enjoying the moment. (Eh, that's the art of eating chocolate.) Wow, cool, it's white chocolate. Quite unique because its spotted and the texture is not smooth.Anyway, I took a small bite. The taste was different. it's... salty. So special. Not bad. I put the whole thing into my mouth.First, the salty taste.Then,…

Flashback: Orang Asli Trip

Somewhere in July, I went for this mission trip to an Orang Asli village. These people, the Jehais, have just shifted out from the deeper part of the jungle and have finally settled for a non-Nomadic lifestyle.First day there, it really took some getting used to. It was so hot! Hmmm I didn’t know bout the others, but I settled in quite fast. Maybe because I’m a kampung boy at heart? Yup so a typical Jehai’s house will be like this. It’s around the size of a master room in Vista which means it’s not very big also, considering each place houses about 9 people! Yup these people have very little but they are contented easily. And they have atap roofs because it’s really much more cooling compared to zinc roof. It makes a BIG difference on hot afternoons!So after they washed their clothes, they dry them like this.Hmmm one of the health problems these people are facing is parasite infections from malaria to worms. I was told that they used to move every 3 weeks because its bad luck for them…

Flashback: 10 reasons why bananas are better than men

My friend wore this t-shirt the other day... unsurprisingly, he never wears it to church.

Flashback: The Landlady Visits

One week before I shifted, my landlady dropped by at the old apartment with 2 visitors. Nothing much special about the visit, except for the fact that I wasn’t informed and it was night time and I was shirtless. Good thing I wore my shirt before answering the door.Landlady: Hi, Gary, hope you don’t mind ah, I’m just bringing 2 visitors to come see this place.Me (Thinking): Yeah, actually I do mind cos I’m very busy studying, can I just close the door and leave you guys outside?Me (What I Said): Sure, why not. (Good thing I just swept and mopped the floor)Ok, based on the scenario above, you will think I’m a very naughty tenant. Actually my housemates and I have a very peculiar relationship with the landlady. We avoid her at all cost. Not because we couldn’t pay our rental, but because when you look into her eyes you can actually see the dollar sign scrolling like jackpot in the pupils. Other than having to pay an above average rental, getting conned into living so far from campus, we …

Flashback: Midnight in the jungle

It was midnight at Fraser’s Hill. Anuja, Tai Jih, Shao Yang, Timothy, Jamie, Michael, Teck Seng, Jesse and I were at the own centre, doing nothing. Finally, I opened my mouth.“Let’s do something crazy.”“What?”“Let’s walk into the jungle trail.”“What? We have no torchlight and wearing slippers. Don’t want la…”“Yup I know. Use handphone light la. Let’s go.”“But that’s crazy!”“Exactly.”Somehow I managed to convince/con the whole group into following my idea. Throughout the night and on the way to the jungle trail, Timothy was trying to “pour cold water” into our plan. Haha, he was so funny.We decided to take the Hemmant’s trail. We managed to find it’s entrance at an obscure and dark area after much difficulty. We couldn’t see anything at all in front of us. It was pitch black.There was a signboard nearby that says:1. Inform the local information counter or police station if you are taking the jungle trails.2.Wear shoes and bring a jacket.3. Wear proper attire and long sle…

Flashback: Terrorist Attack

When I was in Form 4, my friend Brian came to Kluang to look for me. Then my friends and I sent him back by train. SO we were at the train station waiting for the train.It was a pretty hot afternoon, one week after the 911 incident and I think the terrorist attack was still pretty fresh on our mind.Many people waiting for the punctual train again. Some Singaporeans, local people and a few aunties fanning themselves with the newspaper while chatting about the tou huay in Yap Tou Sah (ok I'm just presuming).Suddenly there was a loud bang. *Bang*. Silence.I think there was a tire puncture outside. But I was trying to be funny and wanted to frighten my friends.So i blurted out "Terrorist attack!" and squatted down, hands over my head.Big mistake.Not only didn't it work ,but my friends and everyone else (including those Singaporeans) at the train station were staring at me like I was some kind of crazy guy.
The rest of the time, I didn't ask why my friends were keeping…

Flashback: Some designs.

This is a tshirt I designed for my cf camp.And some of the badges I designed for AMSA (Asian Medical Students Association, i think ) in my campus

Flashback: Tokyo Drift

I watched the premiere of the movie "The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift" last week with my friends. Not a bad movie. As usual the combinations of cars+gals are all there. Only, the cars got a bit more attention than the gals this time round compared to the previous 2 movies. Plus there is no senseless sex-scene-because-you-have-a-cool-car-and-I-don't-mind-getting-genital-warts-from-your-unknown-sexual-history. The storyline is completely unrelated to the other movies, other than the Mustang (fitted with a Nissan engine) that Vin Diesel drove in the first movie and a cameo by the man himself at the end. The car scenes were dizzyingly awesome (literally). The drift scenes were superb (maybe too much but then it's for the movie's namesake I guess). But there were some loopholes in the plot (which will be revealed after this) and maybe some things that I just don't get (Maybe they are too "street culture" for me to understand.) Anyway, here are 10 t…

Flashback: School wars

So in my primary school (Sekolah Tunku Mahmood 1), the boys and the gals in my class were actually not on very good terms since standard two. There was the Boys gang, consisting of Kian Huei, Wee Chiat, Brian, Jia Ho, Vaish, and me of course. I don't know if I miss any because the gang is always expanding and we have to keep revising our STAR logo (maybe I'll put up here some day) to accomodate more members. On the OTHER side is the Gals Society (ok I don't reli know what they call themselves. maybe they just don't have any.). Members are Wai Chia, Leanna, Sumitha, Shameetha, Vimala, and Lina and anyone else I forgot.The reason for the boys to avoid the gals is simple: Stay within 2 metres radius of any gal from the opposite gang and you'll risk being teased and isolated from the rest (just exaggerating. But teasing, yes.) . Whereas the gals avoid the boys because they are cute and will be handsome when they reach adolescence. Ok I made up that last part up. My sev…

Flashback: The one where Danny got groomed.

My dog is now in subang cos my parents are going for a vacation to China. So my sis decided to send him for grooming.This was how he looked.My sis dropped him off at the petshop and told the owner she wants the "usual hair style" (which is like the one above but just slightly shorter).Unfortunately, the owner thought my sis wanted the usual poodle style. She came back 2 hours later and saw this dog.OMG! That's my dog!

Ear food