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The draft for M205's Transitions convo mag.
It's not the final draft. And the colors are different (my file was on CMYK).

P/S: Those who're not on the cover, my deepest apologies. It's hard to include all 180 of us. Photos are sourced from other people and are not from my personal collection to avoid any form of bias. Christmas celebration in IMU today was great. Saw the Nativity scene by our lecturers and CSU sisters *grins* and Sister Joanne the "star" of the show. Saw Sarah (Ong), Thomas (Chew), Matthew (and Linda in Christmas tops) and Wen Hao. Christine... is not here. She must be having a quiet comeback.

Here comes the flood and flying cows.


Opening Speech

Ladies and gentlemen,
Thanksbetomaxisbroadband. AndGod.

IMU Cup 2007

IMU Cup was over on Tuesday. My batch won the Cheerleading event and became the overall champion. (Yay)

Show and tell

Sim visited the other day. We formed a garage band on the spot. At least 5 people will want my neck for putting this up. (For some reason the GIF animation is not working in my browser. You gotta save and view it offline to see the rest of the pictures). And this is my latest creation.

Thanks Fish+Yun for "modeling". And also thanks to Su-eon, Jo, Andy, ShuWinn and Amanda for their inputs. It wouldn't be possible without their help. Having designer friends rocks.
And here's a tip on how to win RM2500.

The cause of my muscle ache.

Yesterday, three guys caused quite a ruckus in Vista in the morning. Apparently, 2 of them were chasing this guy in coat all the way to IMU. Here's a video of what happened.

If you can't YouTube for some reasons, there's an alternative link to this videohere.
Anyway, I have muscle ache now from running. I'm getting old, I guess.
On a not-so-good note, I really do have the weirdest of luck when it comes to technology. Some of you would know that I had much trouble getting an internet line before this. The first company I applied for was Maxis Wireless Broadband.
I had to:
Go to KLCC (to apply).Wait 3 weeks.To find out that they lost my form.Call the customer service 10 times and each promising to call back but never did.They claimed to have found my form.
Waited 2 weeks again.Maxis said they lost my form again. Made 8 more calls.
Another operator claimed that I never submitted my form.Re-submitted my form.Application rejected because service does not cover Vista. So my neighbo…

Malaysian Studies is fun.

Last week, my batch had this Cuti-cuti Malaysia Expo in my campus, promoting the various tourist destination of Malaysia. My group was in charge of the glorious state of Perak. So we spent the previous week coming up with infos and decorations for the booth.
We made a humongous thingy (really can't give it a name) from wires and cardboard. It looks really nice from the front.
(Again I would like to sincerely apologize to the Johor booth people behind ours. I'm from Johor too..).
So anybody walking into campus should be greeted with the lovely aroma of Ipoh Old Town Coffee and cheerful smile of the kopi crew.
Choon the Kong(second from left) is the main brain behind all these.
That's our booth.
Seng Seng was supposed to take our picture for this event but..

..some people just can't resist the cam-whoring temptation.
Sarawak had quite an interesting booth. They had this blowpipe (sumpit) competition where you win a t-shirt if you're able to shoot any passer-bys with the poi…

Pengawas Interview

I remember when I first entered Kluang High, my very first words with my friends were
"Eh, keep quiet! After cannot become pengawas..!"
Yeah, that was so dumb. Salah. My friends still laugh at me until now.
Who wants to be pengawas anyway?
Only Gary.

Then there was the interview, conducted by this Mexican moustache garang Geography teacher (I guess STK-ians will know who I'm talking about) and a few others.

The questions were ridiculous, to say the least:
"So... tunjukkan cara seorang pengawas duduk"
I sit lah. Without crossing legs or anything.
"Ala..macam pengantin je.."Thinking back, I think the interview was a way for the teachers to amuse themselves and escape from doing other more relevant duties: like EDUCATING the students.
"Ok.. sekarang saya nak awak tunjukkan cara jalan pengawas."HELLO! Prefects have their own walking style?! Like what? Models?
I can imagine a World Prefects Union coming up with a guidebook on how to walk. First, your left l…

A Day With the Kids

One Saturday, my batchmates and I went to St. Jerome's to give tuition.
I spent Friday night trying to re-learn PMR Maths. Ju-on kept me awake until 3 a.m. I can't help it if she's an addictive chat buddy.
Next morning, 3 guys, 1 girl and a blur panda tried to hail a cab to get us there. After many failed attempts (PJ freaks out taxi drivers nowadays), we finally got one. That only leaves us with the problem of finding the place. With a hand-drawn map. What does that mean for me?
Please refer to the post Road-blind previously.

"What's the meaning of myocardial infarction?!"
That's Timothy pretending to teach the poor boy. Sigh.
Haha, kidding. He was the most animated teacher in the whole room.

Keat How is the seasoned veteran of us all, having been there many times.

They decided that I need to pay them royalty for their shots.
Kids nowadays are smart.

The innocence of childhood. Hmm I wonder what this kid was thinking about..



This is Caroline, my tutee.

Cantonese Disasters and buying buffalos

My friends say that my Cantonese is beyond half-a-bucket. In fact, I might as well just stick to speaking Mandarin.

My parents and siblings are fluent in this dialect. Mum and Dad are both Cantonese and they communicate in Cantonese since I was young. However, I didn't inherit that part of the genes from them.

The language centre in my brain has to translate my thoughts to Mandarin before to Cantonese. That means it takes me at least 10 seconds to speak anything in Mandarin. 30 seconds for complex sentences. When I speak to my grandmother, I even had to pause halfway to ask for a word in Cantonese to complete the sentence.

Yeah, I can't express myself in Cantonese for peanuts. That, by the way, is a recipe for disasters.

When I was 7 years old, I was sent on an errand to buy food:

[ What I thought happened]
Boss: Sai lou, nei oi mat? (Boy, what do you want)
Me: Erm...
Boss: Ni yao shen me (Mandarin for what do you want?)
I was determined to answer back in Cantonese
Me: Ngo oi... (I want…

Missing link for sheep-dog evolution

For years, scientists have speculated that sheep and dogs have a common ancestry. But there is just one more piece to the puzzle that remains to be discovered.This year, the missing link has been found.

Danny, the Lamb-dog!
Finally there's a scientific proof that these two mammals have phylogenetic similarities!

Canine chops anyone?

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Visit to Muar Part 2

*Flashback* My first visit to Muar was actually 7 years ago and it was not a pleasant one. I represented my district for the state-level chess competition at this school called SMK Jalan Junid. My only impression was that the place is boring and the food are scanty and expensive. The cheapest meal I had cost me RM4 minus drinks (Hey, schoolboy's pocket money k.).
However, it turned out that Muar isn't really like that as you will find out soon enough. We were just brought to all the wrong places for food that's all.
One of our most "memorable meal" was actually at a Malay stall near SMK Jalan Junid: "Eh, our teacher haven't belanja us yet, you know."
"Yeah la... eh we make him belanja this meal."
"Ok, we just tell him that we haven't pay and then we go."
"Cikgu, ini semua.. belum bayar ya." He just smiled and nodded his head. Great success. All 7 of us quickly went into the car before he changes his mind.…

Crazy Answer for History Test

Got this in my email and really got me lol like crazy. It's the answer paper for our famous SPM History test. I think this school has the most patient History teacher.
Apparently, there is a story behind TNB and Shinto religion was started by Tom Cruise. Enjoy!

He actually got 1 mark! Now comes the best part...

My gosh. The pantun at the end is really the bomb.

Poem: Family Tree

Just for the record, despite years of being made to learn, appreciate, comprehend and understand literature, I'm not one who goes ga-ga over poems (or pantun or sajak and definitely not the funeral mourning-like syair).
But I read one recently that I found was pretty good even at first impression.
And surprise, surprise, it's by Tupac Shakur - the rapper that was shot dead 10 years ago.

Family Tree

Because we all spring
From different trees
Does not mean
We are not created equally

Is the true beauty in the tree
or in the vast forest in which it breaths
The tree must fight 2 breed
among the evils of the weeds

I find greatness in the tree
that grows against all odds
It blossoms in darkness
and glues 2 promising pods

I was that tree who grow from weeds
and wasn't meant 2 be
Ashamed I'm not in fact I'm proud
of my thriving family tree.

Tupac Amaru Shakur

How to bring a PC to life

My PC died big time.
So there I was bringing my baby (CPU) to the computer shop.
Me:"Hey, Boss, my PC can't boot up and ...(technical details you won't understand).. I think it's the ram or motherboard problem. So can you fix it?"
Boss:"I think the problem is with your ram and motherboard.." Yup. He practically just regurgitated what I told him.
Duh, if I need help for someone to repeat what I say, I'll just buy a voice recorder.
Me: "Is there anything that can be done to repair it?"
Boss: "Erm.. I don't think so. Why don't you leave it here? Maybe I can see what we need to change.."Classic MRMMP (Multi Repair Money Making Plan). Money money money. Obviously from my pocket into his.
No way, man.
Me:"I'll be back."I got home, tested the CPU. Still dead.

Then I gave it a big freaking kick.

And the boot screen appeared.

Lazarus has come to life!

Hardly professional but at least it works.

The thing about PCs

Every once a while, your PC crashes.
That we know..
But if your PC leaves you pulling you hair in frustration every 2 months. That's a bit extreme.
That's salah.

My friends come to me whenever they have problem with their Windows, virus, hardwares etc. I've become the I.T guy in the gang.
What most people don't realize is that I was unwillingly trained/forced into learning all these.
I didn't just become good.
I'm in the group of "hair-pulling" PC owners.

This morning it acted up again. Can't access Windows.
And then I couldn't restore my drive.
Then I couldn't access my hard drive from another PC.
Which means I lose all my documents in C:
Then for some reason I had to reformat BOTH partitions.
Which means I lose my videos and musics and games and softwares of 3 years in D:

Then after I reformatted, the sound card couldn't be detected.
Then my graphics card couldn't be detected.
This is so wrong.
(And my keyboard just caved in)


I'm the K…

Visit To Muar Part 1

During the last Esplosion Camp, I somehow agreed to visit Esther in Muar before she leaves for NZ (Yes, Melissa, it was the night when I couldn't understand 70% of what she was talking). So after much procrastination and rough planning, I finally visited Bandar Maharani last week.Day 1 Wednesday (28 January).I woke up, packed and rushed to the bus station. Barely caught the 9am bus. I’m a champion last-minute bus catcher. My career best are 11 on-time catches with 2 misses (no comments).15 minutes before arriving in Muar, Esther messaged me this:"Gary kor mi ask which bus station will ur bus b heading? Got 2 bus stations in Muar."Never mind, no panic. I told myself, I'll just tell her when I arrived.5 minutes before arriving:"Mi said you have to kp ur eyes open cause she thk the bus will only stop here a while 2 pick ppl up b4 gg to melaka."Ok, time to panic. I scanned the surrounding and noted that my bus is passing a shopping centre. I didn't intend t…

Flashback: Salty Chocolate.

During the holidays, i was busy gorging myself with goodies. Well, you can't blame me cos my mum's an excellent cook and it was that period of time when the Chinese population of this country stock their houses full of snacks and drinks and what nots.I remember once when I was really in the mood for something sweet. Then I remember my mum saying that there are some imported chocolates and Hershey's in the fridge. So there I was scrutinizing the fridge for something that looks like chocolate.Then my eyes caught a golden wrapped small bar of something at the eggs compartment of the fridge. Ah... chocolate.I took it and slowly peeled off the shiny wrapper. Enjoying the moment. (Eh, that's the art of eating chocolate.) Wow, cool, it's white chocolate. Quite unique because its spotted and the texture is not smooth.Anyway, I took a small bite. The taste was different. it's... salty. So special. Not bad. I put the whole thing into my mouth.First, the salty taste.Then,…

Flashback: Orang Asli Trip

Somewhere in July, I went for this mission trip to an Orang Asli village. These people, the Jehais, have just shifted out from the deeper part of the jungle and have finally settled for a non-Nomadic lifestyle.First day there, it really took some getting used to. It was so hot! Hmmm I didn’t know bout the others, but I settled in quite fast. Maybe because I’m a kampung boy at heart? Yup so a typical Jehai’s house will be like this. It’s around the size of a master room in Vista which means it’s not very big also, considering each place houses about 9 people! Yup these people have very little but they are contented easily. And they have atap roofs because it’s really much more cooling compared to zinc roof. It makes a BIG difference on hot afternoons!So after they washed their clothes, they dry them like this.Hmmm one of the health problems these people are facing is parasite infections from malaria to worms. I was told that they used to move every 3 weeks because its bad luck for them…