Sandisk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 16 GB Thumb Drive

Now this is really random. I've recently been hunting for a USB 3.0 thumb drive because I needed it for a project. Now , it is an understatement to say that flash drive has gotten a lot more affordable in the last few years. A 128mb USB 1.0 used to cost more than 100 bucks. Now an 8GB (8000MB) USB 2.0 cost less than 12 bucks! 
I was cracking my head really hard to decide between a Sandisk Ultra Fit and a Sandisk Ultra Dual. To make things easier to understand, a drive's write speed is how fast you could copy something from a computer to your drive, whereas a read speed is the other way round. If you are a spy and you need to copy something from a laptop like your life depends on it, then WRITE speed is what you are looking for.
My aim was to get a USB 3.0 thumb drive with a sweet balance between a fast write speed and cost. A USB 2 would have been fine but I needed something that could copy files lightning quick without costing me an arm or a leg. 
I was considering the Sandisk U…

Twitter users that we'll meet.

This is really funny but true.

Dreaded conversation

Being in medical school has its pros and cons. Repetitive, boring conversation being one of the turn-offs. Don't worry, we understand why some people ask them. At first, it was all fun. However as the years go by, it gets tiresome, especially when the same person ask them every single time they meet you and they don't seem to bother remembering what you've told them before.

Thrill the World Kuala Lumpur

I've forgotten to share this video of the Thrill The World event in Kuala Lumpur last year. Thrill the World is an annual event since 2006 in which MJ enthusiasts get dressed like zombies and perform the Thriller dance for charity. MJ's death last year brought more awareness for this event and that's how one of my friend in the US told me about their website. To cut the long story short, I took part in TTW. I know that it's crazy to travel up to KL from Seremban to take part in an event full of goofy strangers. It was exam season and my friends thought that I must be mad but if we are too careful in life, we'd miss out a lot right?

It was really cool! On the day of the event, zombies all over the world danced simultaneously at the same time. The press were there to cover the event. We were on MSN Malaysia.  I got to know so many zombies (many of them from the healthcare industry) and we still keep in touch.

 Unfortunately, I heard that the organisers don't inte…

Updates and Batu Pahat

It's been quite a while since I've last posted anything here. *pangs of guilt* Anyway, I'm currently in Batu Pahat and will be here for the coming 5 months before finishing my undergraduate training.

How do I find it here? I'm enjoying it actually. Many of my friends kinda dreaded coming here because Batu Pahat is supposed to be a more ulu place than Seremban. But being a small town boy at heart, I didn't mind it one bit. Personally, the only advantage of staying Seremban is that it's near KL and all the major shopping outlets and also my orthodontist :-P Over here, I get to go back to Kluang when I want to, although I really haven't had much chance to utilize this advantage yet. My weekends are freaking packed! (I've already spent two weekends sleepless because of reports.)

On the other hand, I'm absolutely enjoying the training in Hospital Batu Pahat. The staff are friendly and the environment is nicer. Being a district hospital, the variety of c…

Michael Jackson Flashmobs All Over The World

I've been spending some time watching videos of flashmobs paying tribute to Michael Jackson. It all began when a group of dancers from Stockholm, Sweden, began organizing a flashmob to dance 'Beat It' in public places all over the city. Hundreds of people joined the effort and after 30 minutes of dancing lesson, the most amazing dancing flashmob ever took place. Words would do no justice to what transpired that day. Ladies and gentleman, I share with you the Stockholm Tribute to MJ.

That's not the end of the story. Bounce (the dancers who organized this) challenged other cities around the world to do the same thing. Within days, similar flashmobs sprouted in cities around the world, to the beat of 'Beat It' or 'Thriller'. Clearly, his music crosses geographical boundaries and cultures. Michael made his songs translate themselves.

Turbingen, Germany
St. Petersburg, Russia
Taipei, Taiwan
Amsterdam, Holland.
Hollywood and Highland
Victoria, Canada
Helsingborg, Swed…

Imagine people wearing your face around..

*This post was actually made around 1.5 years ago (21st July07). I wanted to publish it only after I've seen my design being published officially. Didn't know I had to wait so long to finally see it on a junior today. Hehe. *

Won the AMSA tshirt design competition that day. Now my ESP camp fee is fully covered!

Actually this tshirt looks fun but carries a grave serious message.
Wait a minute...
Whose face is that on the back??!!

Beats me.. *whistles*